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Business Controller Services

Our Business Controller Service is for the company that needs a high quality, experienced person to assume control over the financial aspects of your business on a temporary or part-time basis

Although there are numerous benefits of having a full-time Business Controller to watch over your business's financial needs (accounting, reconciliations and timely tax filings for payroll and sales tax), many businesses simply don't have the size or the resources for a full-time Business Controller.  We fill this void by offering part-time Business Controller oversight.  You'll get a professional Business Controller with over 10 years of experience who will periodically review your bookkeeper's work or perform the various reconciliations all businesses need to stay in control.  We have saved clients significant time and money in performing this service, including the identification of theft and fraud.

In many cases, we are asked to perform periodic follow-up reviews to ensure compliance with the new process.  This is sometimes necessary if you experience frequent turn-over in your bookkeeper/accountant position or just want an "insurance policy" that the books are in order prior to tax time.

Some of these services may include:

  • Providing timely and accurate financial statements
  • Setting up procedures and controls for monthly closings
  • Showing how to better utilize your accounting software
  • Analyzing or cleaning up prior or current transactions
  • Being the professional interface with your tax accountant
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