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Major Repairs

QB Works knows how to isolate the problems and quickly devise corrections. We have found that most companies with these issues require professional help to correct the problem.

In many cases, clients have already performed the initial implementation for their businesses and have been running QuickBooks for a period of time but have realized that they aren't getting the full potential out of the software or have developed procedures and paper-flow that have become unruly. 

Common complaints are:QuickBooks Major Repair

  • the reports do not give me all the important business information I need or are not produced in a timely manner
  • the necessary bank/accounting/customer/vendor reconciliations are not easily accomplished
  • the transfer of my book accounting records to my tax accountant is not smooth

When these clients reach a point where the software is "not working" we can develop a plan and help you implement the changes necessary to solve the issues.

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